Keeping Your Dream Alive

Fresh through the years

Stepping stones in professionally maintained lawn with perennial border separated from natural landscape by custom garden gate

Natural environments are forever changing, adapting for survival and dominance. Taming them to maintain their place in the landscape art form requires a consistent connection with the original design.

Imagine three years from now. Will your landscape grow into its original design? Will all the visual lines and hedge sculptings remain crisp?  How will you protect your landscape investment from disease and other microclimate hazards? And will annuals and perennials be replaced exactly according to plan as they cycle through their lives? How can you be sure?

Our detailed property improvement service guarantees your landscape design will always look fresh and true to the living design. Our continuous touchpoints assure you won’t have to think about maintaining your vision. We make it happen!
Flower bed featuring hydrangeas surround by tree wall

Scott Byron & Co. landscape maintenance services safeguard your dreamscape from the forces of nature and time. Our lifetime warranty covers every element of your landscape; from perennials, to groundcover, trees, turf, and hardscape.

Maintaining your dreamscape means keeping pace with your changing dreams. So we’ll always be here with fresh ideas for each “next chapter” of your life.