Scott Byron & Co. designs, builds and maintains exquisite landscapes for properties both residential and commercial.

Our outdoor environments encourage interaction. We want you to stop and look, walk, sit, listen and sense your surroundings. The art we create, in harmony with nature, uses only the highest quality trees, shrubs, plants, flowers and grasses. We add artistic and useful elements to nature, like paths, pergolas, terraces, pools and lights.


Autumn Annuals

At Scott Byron & Co we help you imagine your dream space, and then we create it for you.

Commercial Landscaping at Stepan

Scott Byron & Co creates space that invites people to explore and interact. Our designs increase curb appeal and long-term value.

Pool design ideas by Scott Byron & Co
Design Ideas

Scott Byron & Co brings art and nature together and creates inviting outdoor space for our clients. Explore some of our creations and see what we can do for you.

Autumn Annuals

The design team at Scott Byron & Co. incorporates color, dimension, and style
with container gardens of the finest select annuals. Creating enhanced environments
in the outdoor spaces surrounding both residential and commercial spaces should
extend visual and lifestyle aesthetics.

Elegant Landscapes in the Midwest

Quite simply, we create beautiful outdoor environments of all kinds – in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan – and keep them that way. It is our purpose to design, build and maintain elegant environments that succeed for many years into the future.

Our work can be found in the city, the suburbs and the country; on rooftops, balconies and out your front door; at condominiums, town homes and retirement homes; and gracing any kind of commercial entity. 

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For discerning property owners who enjoy outdoor living, Scott Byron & Co., Inc. creates exquisite landscapes that are welcoming, beautiful and functional.
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