Designed to Blow Your Mind

Focusing Your Dream

Your dream of outdoor living may be crystal clear, or it may be as ethereal as a feeling. Our mission is to tap into your vision—your essence—and bring it to life. From simple plantings to patios, pools, outdoor kitchens, elaborate hardscapes, sanctuaries, waterfalls…nothing is beyond our expertise

Art in Harmony with Nature

We help you blend nature and structure to create balance and harmony in your environment. Our master artists help you design your dream with a palette as broad as nature and as limitless as your imagination.

Create, Cultivate, Curate

Our landscape designers take the time to cultivate a genuine relationship with you; get to know you, your tastes, and dreams. By curating the finest natural elements from around the world, we bring distinction and enduring appeal to any style, from modern to traditional to natural. With our design and curation teams guiding your dream, we create your outdoor environment in an orderly, orchestrated cadence.

Authentic Design

Authenticity is a major consideration of Scott Byron & Co. designers. The honest, well-researched tone of our designs assures your environment flows effortlessly with your architecture and terrain.

A Symphony of the Seasons

There’s nothing fresher than landscape billowing with vibrant annuals. Our Seasonal Annuals service brings the best of each time of the year to your outdoor environment. We begin by getting to know your vision and preferences. Using your existing beds and planters—or our designer’s choice, if you like—we’ll curate, create, cultivate, and install your signature look for each season.

Annuals residential

Annuals corporate & residential


The choreography of annuals and perennials is especially important to keep your landscape at its peak throughout the year. Our curation specialists consider sunlight, seasons, bloom sequence, color coordination, and other factors to light up your landscape year-round.

Trees and Shrubs

The anchors of any landscape design are the trees and shrubs. They provide spatial punctuation and the “reasons” for the placement and characteristics of other landscape elements. Our curators review thousands of options to align with your vision and existing landscape and architecture.


Man-made structures that include natural materials intrinsically meld art and nature. From pergolas, patios, stairs, and retaining walls to swimming pools, waterfalls, and driveways, our portfolio of hardscape experience will help you open your imagination to new levels of outdoor living.