Like many other people, I consider Memorial Day the unofficial beginning of summer. Coincidentally, I also consider this the beginning of grill season. You may bear the merciless winter chill to bring your family BBQ Chicken in January, but that doesn’t mean grill season extends into winter. That just means you recognize the perfection of grill foods, and I like that about you. There’s a lot of debate regarding gas grills vs. charcoal grills, but I’ll leave that up to you to discuss amongst yourself. (Personally, I like the flavor of charcoal, but the convenience of gas – a conundrum!) What I do want to talk to you about, though, is creating an outdoor grill center (built-in BBQ).

What’s the most important aspect when it comes to building your built-in BBQ? The grill, obviously! There are a lot of options around that you can select, but for our money we like the 36” DCS grill. It’s high-end quality with sturdy heavy gauge stainless steel components. There are many other brands, like Viking and Kalamazoo, and sizes of grills that you can select with endless customization options, so make sure you’re getting what you want.

After you’ve selected the grill, you must make sure you have enough counter space to make your built-in BBQ useable. In most situations, having at least 18” on either side of your grill will give you room to set your plate and tongs down. From there, it’s a matter of what you want to be doing outside and how much space you have. Consider the activities you want to happen around the grill. Is it part of the social space or are you grilling at one location and moving the food to a dining and lounging area? Are you going to be prepping food outside, blending margaritas, and sitting at the grill? Ask yourself these questions to have a better idea of what the size of the entire grill center should be and what features it should include.

Once the grill and overall size have been determined, it’s just a matter of options. Do you want a refrigerator, trash receptacle, warming drawer, storage drawers, lighting, iPod dock, space for a smoker (Big Green Egg is one example), etc…? Whatever you want, we can make it happen. If you already have a grill or smoker that you want to use we can design your built-in BBQ to incorporate them. So fire up the grill and get out your meats, veggies, and fruits. It’s grilling time!