Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Landscape Architecture’s student career fair with my fellow designer, Kristi Krumtinger. Both of us are graduates of the program so it’s a special delight to go back and talk with the students about Mumford and TBH studios, shared professors, and shared experiences. The enthusiasm and passion pouring out of these students have yet to be dampened by budgets, committees, or zoning codes. Though these things all offer means towards creative solutions and collaborations, there’s something about a design that uses pure gold and black granite as design elements that makes me smile (as a classmate of mine had one proposed). The U of I students, both MLA and BLA, presented themselves beautifully with well thought out designs and innovative ideas. One student we interviewed proposed a tornado route that in theory could attract and guide tornadoes around a city.¬†Even as real world limitations take their hold, I hope they always dream and plan as big as they are able. Let the mind of a student never be curtailed!Read More