Sustainable landscapes work harmoniously with the environment to create regenerative designs by sequestering carbon, filtering the air and water, mitigating flooding, increasing energy efficiency, and restoring habitats. Scott Byron & Co. strives to be a premiere model for sustainability held up by the pillars of reimagination, responsibility, and resilience. In a constant effort to reimagine sustainability, SBC will strive to be the model in responsible landscape practices keeping in mind the ecological context. Resiliency will be our hallmark while we navigate through an ever-changing environment and landscape industry.

Scott Byron & Co. continues to support this initiative by rethinking how we design, construct, and maintain projects. Both internally and externally, we are driven to explore new systems and processes that bring sustainability to the company and community. All three areas of the company (Design, Construction, and Maintenance) work in synergy to provide sustainable methods that help our natural resources and biological systems remain healthy, diverse, and long-lived.