Culture has been a big topic. We want to focus on our people. Last year we created a Culture Committee, a representative body whose mission was to revamp our mission and core values.  This August, we launched a new initiative to educate our employees about our new mission and core values.  Our new mission is “To Create, Cultivate, and Curate Art in Harmony with Nature.” Our new core values are Exceptional, Fearlessness, Imaginative, Equality, and Authentic.  Furthermore, the Committee has discussed how to recognize and appreciate our employees moving forward.  All of this led the Committee back to an old concept: RAVE.

In our culture, from clients to the crews, we focus on RAVE! A RAVE is an unsolicited and uncontrollable urge to declare and share how fantastic you feel about something we did. A RAVE is like a wave; it keeps rolling and motivating us to be/do our best.  As Scott says: “When we hear positive feedback from our clients, we call it a RAVE. It’s funny how the simple word “RAVE” really speaks to all sorts of things about who we are at all levels. At the end of the day, that’s why we are in business: to make our clients RAVE. It’s really as simple as that.”