With every warm day, our flower yard (we affectionately call “Flowerland”) at Scott Byron & Co. grows in size, color, and variety. The flowers, sourced from the finest horticultural gardens, bring a light and positive energy to our company. Employees can glance out their window or take a stroll through the yard when the flowers first arrive. Our horticulturists and flower experts care for the plants before they travel miles to a new destination – your home, property, or business.

These summer blooms add splashes of color to any part of the landscape to capture your beautiful vision, from container gardens to spreading beds. Flower arrangements are custom-designed by our plant and flower experts to fit your landscape and lifestyle. The arrangement possibilities are endless – these are our favorite and most popular summer flowers you can enjoy in any outdoor space.


This summer annual has tightly-packed leaves covered with blossoms in a variety of colors, including red, white, light pink, and rose. At Scott Byron & Co., the wax begonia is one of the most popular varieties. Wax begonias have either bright green or bronze foliage and can be grown in sunny to shady areas. They add vibrant bursts of color into a landscape or planter, and they pair well with other flowers, like impatiens and fuchsia.


Sunpatiens are hybrid versions of impatiens that can withstand full sun and very warm temperatures. These flowers can grow all season, from summer to fall, and are primarily low maintenance. Sunpatiens are best paired with other sun-loving plants in planters or flower beds. These flowers come in a variety of unique colors, like orange, lavender, red, and white, to fit your personality and property.


A very popular garden annual, this flower has five dainty leaves and comes in a variety of colors, from purple to pink. Geraniums work well in planters, hanging pots, and flower beds because they are low-maintenance and easy to grow. These flowers can last well throughout the season with simple watering and fertilization; they can be brought indoors during cooler temperatures, but geraniums thrive in hot weather with relatively dry conditions. These flowers add a classic and timeless touch to an outdoor living space.

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