This city garden was developed with a clear agenda of unifying an unused urban site for new residential construction that would celebrate the city’s urban surroundings and street life.  The solid architectural geometry of the garden took cues from the proportions and details in the home to develop strong connections between home and garden.  Significant grade change inspired carefully proportioned garden rooms used for entertaining and relaxing.



Planting specimens focused on urban tolerance, seasonal interest, and unique sculptural character to compliment the garden. The palette included Columnar Maple, Kentucky Coffeetree, Purple Beech, River Birch, and groves of Aspen. The sight and sound of water from two fountains connected by a water rill are also present throughout the garden.



Photography by Tony Soluri

The garden’s strengths come from the sensitive measuring of Italian Granite and crushed gravel outdoor rooms that offer a quiet sense of enclosure in a noisy urban setting while creating a series of vistas and destinations that are woven together into a cohesive landscape through plantings and water.