A Highland Park resident was presented with the opportunity to expand their existing property. They wanted to create a series of destination gardens, locate sculpture throughout the property, and have spaces for entertaining. Unifying the two lots into one new integrated and inviting space was critical, with the sense of privacy and beauty.



As one wanders through the landscape, a path carries them through a series of gardens and relaxation areas that integrate sculptural elements with gardens and water features. A multi-layered terrace offers a variety of uses from spacious entertaining to cooking, dining, and relaxing around a fire. The destination oasis invites visitors to swim in the naturalistic pool and experience the cascading waterfalls. The path also leads to an organic vegetable garden enclosed by a curvilinear wood and stone fence surrounded by perennials, inviting one to stop inside for the fresh herbs and vegetables. Indeed, this versatile space can run the gamut from supporting individual relaxation to vibrant social interaction.

Creating outstanding vistas from inside the home and throughout the property was also a priority. The outdoor sculptures were carefully placed for prime viewing from inside the home, while garden spaces were designed to create a lush, integrated setting for the artwork. The sculpture and flourishing plantings offer inspirational views and serenity. Artistic details encourage visitors to explore the grounds at their leisure. Quiet nodes for reflecting invite visitors to relax and admire the ever-changing views throughout the day and seasons. Soft lighting allows the gardens to be enjoyed after dark.

The project also incorporated several custom details such as an Asian-inspired outdoor swing, outdoor kitchen, and garden shed. Specimen ornamental trees punctuate the landscape while native plantings fill the curvilinear lines of the gardens. Masses of perennials and ornamental grasses fuse and link the landscape to the site.



A combination of well-selected plant material, perfectly placed sculptures, elegant design details, and gardens that flow seamlessly throughout the property worked together to create one unified space that is beautiful, versatile, and in harmony with the home.