Urbanites and countryside dwellers alike cherish their outdoor space – living, eating, and socializing alfresco – in the open air. A quick look above the clouds, and you’ll find the next big trend in luxury living. Rooftop decks are “private vacations” that practically extend from the design and luxury of the home, and with the arrival of warmer weather, you will want to spend as much time outdoors in these natural living rooms. You are no longer restricted to the inside of your home – rooftop decks conserve space, add a touch of elegance to your landscape, and reflect your custom style. At Scott Byron & Co., we work with you to design the perfect rooftop deck that fits your lifestyle. From outdoor fitness centers to elaborate kitchens, rooftop decks have exceeded the traditional patio set and planter of the past.

Urban Living

A remarkable part of the urban experience is living amongst skyscrapers, busy streets, and captivating attractions. When you need it the most, rooftop decks are your escape from the hustle and bustle of city-living. Outdoor space is a cherished commodity, and we want to make the most of it by expanding into the outdoors and bringing natural elements to a city landscape. 

With a traditional urban home, your balcony view of the city may be blocked by other neighbors or buildings, but with a rooftop deck, you now have a bird’s eye perspective of the area. Rooftop decks also offer privacy for social gatherings and daily living. Tall shrubs, trees, and fences can enclose your space. These features can minimize hard, uninviting surfaces and unify your look.

Exceptional Benefits

Imagine – you walk out your back door, not to a barren yard on the ground floor, but to a space in the clouds. Comfortable furniture and luxurious planters, united with your personal touch, bring a hint of home to the outdoors, so it’ll seem like you never left. 

Outdoor living spaces add value to a property and are one of the largest homeowner demands. Rooftop decks revitalize an outdoor space and increase the curb appeal of a property while being a place of relaxation and leisure. Properties with a view of water or a skyline have an untouchable value and timeless effect on a living space. Rooftop decks add valuable square footage space to your property, so you can expand your life into the outdoors.

Custom Design

With a little imagination, you can dream up any design or feature for a roof deck living space. From televisions to fitness centers, pools to fire pits, you can customize your outdoor living room into a timeless experience. Scott Byron & Co. employees work with you and the space to transform the area into a room of superior quality. Rooftop decks project your luxurious lifestyle and image while connecting your envisioned art with nature.