On a bright and early Saturday morning in April, over 200 Scott Byron & Co. employees came together to support one of the company’s largest initiatives: safety.

At the annual Safety Day, employees learn, share, and refresh their knowledge of safety standards and methods. Company employees and outside sources lead separate stations that taught Scott Byron & Co. employees more about safety, equipment usage, and techniques. Employees rotated through the ten stations scattered across the equipment yard during the day.

In addition to learning more about safety, laborers and field managers proudly wore their new uniforms. A change from the typical neon-yellow vest, the employee uniforms now have colored stripes near the elbows and shoulders. The stripes are for visibility, so the employees stay safe at sites. Manager uniforms include orange stripes while laborer uniforms have yellow stripes. The sleek design is functional while meeting all safety standards and protocol.

The older uniform included a yellow safety vest that often got caught or tore while the employees worked. They receive six uniforms, compared to five in the past, which lets them do laundry only once a week. Production manager Mike Fitzpatrick said the workers like the new uniforms’ design and functionality.

During the safety day, guest representatives from equipment manufacturers, insurance companies and other support organizations taught employees about best safety practices, equipment, and stretching/lifting techniques. Other Scott Byron & Co. employees, including the foremen, site supervisors, mechanics, and yard workers, led individual presentations throughout the day. Overall, it was a safety success for the company and employees.

“Safety is our number one priority,” Fitzpatrick said.

At Scott Byron & Co., we view our employees as our most important asset. A safe working environment leads to happier and more productive employees, and we are committed to improving our workers’ safety. We think it’s important to highlight safety in our industry and what our company is doing to improve the standards for our employees. Our annual Safety Day and new uniforms are only some of the initiatives we take to keep our company family safe.