Go ahead and hug a tree.  Perhaps not a hawthorn tree with all those thorns, but a friendly maple or littleleaf linden would be nice.

Illinois celebrates Arbor Day today (April 29) throughout the state (and nation) where communities and homeowners plant, nurture and celebrate trees.  Arbor Day traces its roots (ha! get it?) to 1594 when a small village Spain held the first documented arbor plantation festival.  Arbor Day is a day recognized around the world, and is often celebrated with the planting of a tree. In fact, in Nebraska, in 1872, an estimated one million trees were planted in furtherance of the cause.

Often overlooked with attention more closely focused on colorful flowers, purposeful hedges, and dutiful stone, trees used in landscape design provide for defining spaces and framing or masking views.  Functionally, trees help to provide cooling from summer sun and barriers against noise, while providing greater environmental benefits like keeping our air clean and our ecosystems healthy.

So why not channel your inner Johnny Appleseed and plant a new tree this Arbor Day? Scott Bryon & Company can provide you expert consultation and professional installation that will give you joy for many years to come.


Apple tree espalier

Apple tree espalier

Beautiful maple allee

Maple tree allee