Where does the time go? I think that the mild start to winter has somehow skewed my sense of time…the warm weather through December makes me feel that since there is now consistently “winter-cold” weather outside that winter is just now starting. Instead, the reality is that winter is nearly over. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I walked around my yard the other day and saw just the very tip of bulb foliage peeking up through the mulch. The relief I felt was immense. Parts of winter feel like a trial, just a day-in and day-out struggle to not pack everything up and move to warmer state.

Thankfully, we are about halfway through February. Warmer months are coming and the bulbs are proof of that. We are feverishly working in the office to develop designs, pull together estimates and proposals, and schedule our crews so that the moment spring bursts through winter’s icy grip we can ramp up our installation. In the meantime, to get us through this last wintery hurrah, here are a few of my favorite project images to inspire you.

2014Jul30_8253 2014Jul30_83372014Jul30_8113_Heller