It’s amazing how quickly time flies. Eternal summers and endless winter breaks have turned into mere blinks of an eye. One minute I’m complaining about how hot I am and the next minute I’m reminiscing about the joyful warmth of summer. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time and I became especially aware of that when I was asked what my New Year’s resolution is for 2016. I never even fully committed (or even decided) what my 2015 resolutions were going to be.

Deciding what to resolve myself to is more than half the battle. I want to be specific enough that I have a general idea of how to accomplish it, but not so specific that I go into the year fully expecting to break it. For instance, I thought about cutting out all added sugars, but then on the first day back to work I ate a piece of chocolate…and have done so all week. So, instead I’m going to eat less added sugar; maybe I’ll have one piece of candy instead of two. They say that telling people your goals is beneficial because they will, in theory, hold you accountable. So I will tell you, this year I am resolving to:

  1. Put my clothes away the day I wash them.
  2. Bring my lunch to work more often than not.
  3. Eat less added sugar.
  4. Travel more (and not just big trips, but even just quick/close by weekend getaways).

Full disclosure, I did laundry on Tuesday and my clothes are still sitting on the couch (they’re folded, though!) and I have only brought my lunch to work two of the three days in the past week. I haven’t had any pop though (the struggle has been great) and I already have a trip planned for the end of January. I’m a work in progress!

Whatever your resolutions, or goals, are for 2016 I hope you are successful, whether it’s to finally hit that 10,000 steps every day or to try a new wine every week. If there is some way that Scott Byron & Co. can help you reach your goals, we are always here to work with you. Maybe this is the year you redo your driveway, or remove your dead trees and install new ones, or maybe you’re ready to go all-out and you want a pool and terrace. I think resolutions have a tendency towards being overwhelming, so start small if need be. Change out mulch areas for groundcover; add small areas of annuals for seasonal pops of color, have your trees and shrubs professionally pruned. Who knows? The world is your oyster and 2016 is still fresh and new and full of possibilities!

Take care, have fun, and have a wonderful 2016. Happy New Year! May all your resolutions be successful.

Garden Sculpture within perennial border          Upper_pond_at_bridge_after_planting    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA