Some say that this is the most wonderful time of year and since we’ve been spared the bitterly cold weather (so far) I am especially inclined to agree. Over the years, the most wonderful part of the season has evolved from presents, sledding down hills at breakneck speeds, baking cookies, listening to Ray Conniff’s Christmas albums…actually you know what, I still love those things. They’ve just become a mixture of seasonal traditions and holiday traditions. Decorated butter cookies don’t even taste right unless I’m singing Bing Crosby’s “Mele Kalikimaka” in my head.

I don’t know at what point something becomes a tradition. Does it take a dozen exactly repeated occurrences? A passing along to the next generation? Who knows, and it’s hard to know what thing will become a tradition. Growing up, my family dabbled in maybe-traditions, like eating rice pudding and whoever had the almond could open the first present. Nice try Mom and Dad, but present-opening cannot be moderated! Other things came and went and are now creeping back in to the fold, like using the fine china and polished brass flatware. Sometimes charm and traditions are sacrificed for the sake of efficiency and sanity, but I encourage you to hold on to your traditions as tightly and for as long as possible.

With as many long-term employees as Scott Byron & Co. has it’s no wonder that it has developed its own traditions. Over the years we have made pun-filled holiday cards, an end-of-the-year holiday party, various potlucks, dressing up for Halloween, and a summer BBQ all a part of the SBC life. And of course there’s our tradition of excellent service to our clients (let’s not forget)! This year I’m attempting to start a new tradition of exchanging cookies. If sugar and butter doesn’t win people over then nothing can, right?

If you have any favorite traditions I’d love to hear them and somehow make them my own. Happy holidays and I hope the season is filled with your favorite traditions.

2012 holiday card by Tony Wasemann

2012 holiday card by Tony Wasemann

2014 holiday card by Danny O’Brian