The other day I was with a friend visiting her grandmother and was asked what landscape firms are doing now that summer is over. It’s a fairly common question and I understand why people believe that we are wrapping up for the year when all the garden centers are selling plants at discount and are shortening their work hours.

It may be surprising to you to know that while many of these garden centers are tucking in for the winter, we are ramping up to complete as many projects this year as possible. One of the limiting factors for smaller companies is the availability of plants to them. With our holding yards in Lake Bluff and Wadsworth, we are able to stock plant material so that we can continue our work for as long as the weather cooperates. The cooler fall temperature is gentler on newly installed plants and the soil is still warm, which allows for root growth. In addition to all the plants still going in the ground, we’re also installing fall annuals to take us through Thanksgiving as well as gearing up for winter interest planters and containers. Some summer annuals are still holding strong due to our fairly mild weather right now, but for those who have bloomed their last bloom we are switching them out for new flower displays

There will certainly come a time this year when planting is no longer feasible, but we are a little while away from that time. When we reach it we’ll switch gears to boulder work, retaining walls, grading and drainage work. At the moment though, we’re still enjoying the weather and the outdoors and spreading that enjoyment to you and our clients.