There comes a time when you look out your window to your garden beyond and think, what happened? Your once meticulously manicured garden had over time become overgrown, poorly maintained or pruned, or any number of other factors that may render your garden as less than ideal. It happens to all of us at some point. Plants have natural life spans that may be 20 years or 100 years. They may have been pushed to the edge of their preferred environment – maybe a little wetter or with a little more shade than the plant wants. They’re alive, but don’t thrive and it becomes apparent over time. Another situation may be that you’re garden has become a site for a number of singular plants (I am guilty of this). You go to a garden center, or a plant sale somewhere, and you see a plant that you love and you have to have it. You have no idea where you will put it, but you’ll find a place and make it work. The problem is that many plants simply don’t work as specimen plants that sit alone. And so you end up with a very random and incongruous arrangement.
Sometimes the issues with your garden aren’t the plants themselves, but rather the hardscape elements. After a while, your terrace may begin to have areas that buckle or sink, fences may begin to sag or lean, deck boards may begin to splinter and buckle, or masonry walls may begin to crack. These are all issues that should be addressed and sooner rather than later. You can correct these issues before they get out of hand and require reconstruction.
Regardless of how your garden has evolved into its current state, it’s never too late to evaluate and rejuvenate your landscape. We have amazing people throughout the company that can help you identify areas that may need a little (or a lot) of TLC. Some areas may need just a little help, perhaps some pruning and filling in, or thinning out, existing planting beds. Other areas may need some moderate work, maybe some lawn repair and removing and replacing struggling or dead plants. In the worst of cases, the area may need a full overhaul and need some attention from the design department. Whatever the situation, you can trust our team to give you honest and thoughtful advice.