Have you ever tried project managing – whether for yourself for a home project or for someone else? I recently bought a place and have been wading through a kitchen renovation and the installation of central air conditioning. What I’ve come to realize is that wrangling contractors while keeping on schedule (and on budget!) is exhausting and difficult. The skills needed to effectively project manage – excellent organization, communication, and problem solving skills – make all the difference in the world. Also, have a thorough understanding of the work being done, construction methods, design intent, and client expectations make a huge difference between a project that is a chaotic mess and a project that runs smoothly.

Knowing the caliper and scope of the projects that we design and install, I feel that I can comfortably say that our project managers, for both construction and maintenance, are the best in the area (and in the world?!?!). It also helps that we have some really amazing subcontractors. Our project managers are able to translate the design to a real-world, onsite installation. They may shift plants around to better screen or accentuate a view or make comparable plant substitutions to accommodate the schedule and availability, all while keeping on budget and maintaining the design intent.
Starting with a job start-up meeting, our project managers review the scope of work and walk the site to get a feel for the property and project goals. From there, they schedule their crews and order plant materials. They will also begin coordinating with the various subcontractors so that the project can move forward in a logical progression. Amazingly, they do this with multiple projects at a time and all at different stages of development. While projects are underway, they visit the sites to supervise and direct crews, talk over any issues and scheduling with clients, schedule inspections, and everything in between.
I’m exhausted just thinking about it. When do they sleep? I don’t even know…But every day that I struggle along with my at-home projects I am more and more impressed at the work they do. Every project that I see go from concept to completion, I just realize how great they are and how much our success is attributed to their work.