The past few weeks have been an exciting time to be an American…

Supreme Court rulings, talking about reestablishing embassies with Cuba, and advancing to the finals in the Women’s World Cup. Hurray, U.S.A.! Whether you agree with the rulings, relations, or sporting results, I hope you are at least admiring our American democratic process and our amazing athletic abilities. Bonus for us Chicagoans, and all Blackhawks fans really, for having a winning team. All this makes us proud to be an American! Life is good.

At Scott Byron & Co., we have been working tirelessly to complete a number of projects for our clients so that their gardens are ready for the 4th of July. No amount of rain, and it has certainly been abundant, has been able to thwart our efforts. The deluge of rain has meant significant plant and lawn growth, which is amazing to have, but also to a surge in weed growth, which is less amazing. No matter, our diligent Property Improvement team has kept on top and ahead of these potential issues. Working together, we’ve managed to keep more or less on schedule with mowing, pruning, and planting annuals. When deadlines seem impossible and even the weather refuses to cooperate, that’s when we really shine.

We hope that your 4th is filled with friends and family, Frisbees, water balloons, sunshine and cool breezes, burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, jello jigglers, taco dip, lemonade, deviled eggs, strawberry shortcake, root beer floats, and s’mores. That’s basically my dream list, so you may add and subtract as needed to make your own perfect holiday weekend. Be safe, be happy, and be well. Happy 4th of July!