June is National Rose Month, which is appropriate since all the roses are currently in bloom. Though some organizations in our industry seem to have moved away from awarding traditional gardens and have instead embraced contemporary designs with monoculture planting schemes, I remain charmed by these cheerful hallmarks of the traditional garden. Bursting with color, roses have long been associated with love and appreciation and so I think this is a good time to reflect that love and appreciation back to them. (Roses have also been symbols for war, politics, and religion….Truly, roses are for every occasion.)

At Scott Byron & Co., we work with local growers and nurseries for most of our rose needs. In the fall, we work with Roses & Roses & Roses in Wadsworth, IL to order all our hybrid tea roses so that we have the quantity and quality that we need and that our clients expect and in the spring we work with other growers, such as Midwest Groundcovers, to fill our Knock Out rose and other shrub rose needs. So far this year, we’ve already planted over 500 roses! If you’d like to add a rose garden to your landscape or need help maintaining an existing garden, we have you covered.

Rose garden

roses and grasses

Unrelated to roses, but something interesting nonetheless…I was looking up other national month holidays that are associated with June and found a strange one. June is also the National Fight the Filthy Fly Month and June 21st is St. Leufredus’ Day (St. Leufredus is the patron saint against flies). The more you know! Basil plants, lavender oil, and whole cloves are supposedly fly repellent, so get them out for any outdoor activities this weekend and maybe St. Leufredus can intervene and keep your Father’s Day fly free.

Take care and have an amazing weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!