The North Shore certainly does not have a shortage of landscape architect firms, so why decide to hire Scott Byron & Co. to design, build, and manage your property? Who are we, roaming around the North Shore and Chicago and into Wisconsin and Michigan?

We are a full array of people, both in front of you and hidden behind the plan and proposal before you. We walk the property with you, discussing improvements; we answer your call and direct you to an employee best suited to help you; and we install the designs to bring your garden to life. Designs are like living documents, always evolving based on specific site features. Our strength is understanding the design intention and client’s goals and interpreting them on site to make sure that your thoughts, transferred to the development officer and then to the designer, are installed as imagined.

For some of us in the office, you may never hear our voices, see our faces, or know our names, but we have come to know yours. We have trekked your property while surveying and inventorying; we have deciphered your municipality building and zoning codes; we have reveled in the joy of design (and the anguish of being stuck); we have discussed details with build teams; we have estimated and proofed for accuracy; and we have assembled with hope and pride a presentation package for your review. Your property is our labor of love.

Recently, Scott sent an internal SBC newsletter of sorts that spoke of the importance of customer service. Who are we, if not stewards for our clients and their property? You entrust us with your dreams and visions and, with each team’s success, we return them to you in finished form. We interpret, analyze, and re-imagine them, and then ultimately we make them work. Clients pick Scott Byron & Co. for our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our passion for our work translates directly to your property and we couldn’t be more excited to work with you and fulfill your dreams.