7 weeks until Halloween. 11 weeks until Thanksgiving. 14 weeks until Chanukah. 15 weeks until Christmas. I am already overwhelmed for the holidays despite them being, at minimum, 7 weeks away. I still have to make my nephews’ Halloween costumes. They want to be dinosaurs and even though I’ve had the pattern for the tails for over a month I haven’t done a thing. Oops. I just moved this summer so my family has nominated me to host Thanksgiving this year for the first time. Should I panic?

Some of my favorite parts of the holidays (except for having days off work and being with family) are all the seasonal and holiday arrangements. I could search Pinterest all day to look at table arrangements, floral arrangements, and any other garden holiday displays. If you haven’t already, now is the time to be confirming fall annuals and thinking about winter interest. By late September, we’re designing and installing the fall plantings – Mums, Kale, Pansies, pumpkins and gourds, ornamental peppers, and whatever else our Property Improvement department thinks up. While the annuals loading area has been sparse the past few weeks, deliveries of new fall annuals have begun to arrive and awash our yard with color.

Take this quiet time of the landscape, when the weather has turned but the leaves have yet to fall, to assess your own garden and determine what you would do differently this fall or next summer. We can help. Whether you’re a planner or a procrastinator, we’ve got you covered. Good luck with your holiday planning, whether it starts 15 weeks early or the day before.