Last year we went through and evaluated our company website and wondered, “How can we make your experience more enjoyable?”

A couple of the steps we’ve taken are updating the website with a new layout and easier usability and starting this blog. Who will be reading our blog? I think I can safely say that my six closest studio coworkers will read it, but we’re writing this to provide an inside look at landscape architecture and design and what we’re thinking and doing at Scott Byron & Co.

If you’ve ever wondered what it is that sets us apart from our competitors, this is where you can find out…Why do we do things a certain way and why are we so adamant about them? What are our thoughts on design? How do we approach a project and what is the process that we go through to bring our clients the unique Scott Byron & Co. vision and experience? Regardless of the project size, the design and installation process is extremely complex when you go through each step. We rely on our excellent maintenance programs to transition our newly installed sites into beautifully matured gardens. We also have many new clients who choose to use our maintenance and annuals programs to bring their existing landscapes to life.

I’m here to bring you along as we explore the world of Scott Byron & Co., landscape architecture, design-build, property improvement, and annuals design.